Mayor Larry Wallace Jr., Ph.D. (Manor, TX)


Manor Service History

• 1st African American Mayor

• City Council Member - Place 4

• Planning & Zoning Commission - Place 4

• Director - Stonewater Home Owners Association

• Board Member - Manor Schoolhouse Foundation

• Member, MISD Citizen's Bond Advisory Committee

• Chair - Manor Health Care Task Force

• Assistant Coach - Manor Falcons 

• Lead Coordinator - Manor & Austin Spurs Partnership

• Lead Coordinator - Manor & Austin FC Partnership

• Lead Coordinator - Manor & Central Texas Polo Association Partnership

• Lead Coordinator - Manor & Central Texas special Olympics Partnership

• Lead Coordinator - Manor & UT Austin’s Central TX 2030 Inclusion Challenge

• Lead Coordinator - Manor Our Community Salutes (OCS)

• Lead Coordinator - Manor Town Hall & Resource Fair

• CoHost - Inaugural Foster Community Cares Event

• Member - Manor American Legion

• 2020 Steering Committee Member - National Forum for Black Public Administrators (Annual Conference)

• Assistant Coordinator - Manor Junior Officer Training Corps (JROTC) Program

General Questions

What strategies will you use to ensure open communication between City Hall and residents?

Continue to expand areas of access and dialogue by increasing the number of engagements outside of City Hall meetings (e.g., Manor ISD, HOA, and other community events & association gatherings; posting on official manor social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter; and possibly creating a question & answer section in Manor newsletter). Additionally, maintain an active social media page and line of accessibility for more personalized interaction, and potentially have City Council and Planning & Zoning Commission meetings recorded and posted in addition to the minutes and agenda.

What are your top environmental and land development concerns and how do you plan to address them?

Sustaining a decent mixture of agricultural (e.g., crop & livestock farming, breeding, etc.) and new age housing with the use of poor agricultural locations for housing first; to include, consistent yet contemporary landscaping. Regulating the use of chemical fertilizers, fuel, and raw materials to increase resident safety measures. Ensuring the City of Manor expands with municipal services as the focal point. Also, establishing and enhancing drainage routes to reduce farming damage and traffic rerouting. By identifying key stakeholders and their interests, effective messaging is established.

What is your vision for transportation infrastructure in your community and how will you advance it?

Increasing road construction to reduce traffic congestion via data collection to persuade stakeholders. For example, creating multi-lane expansions on 290 and Gregg Lane. Re-evaluating speed limits, especially on poorly improved or low-lit roads. Adjusting the timing of stop lights for increased traffic from newly developed and expanded communities. Official turning lanes where high traffic and high-speed is common, especially on poorly improved and low-lit roads. Also, increasing the number of street lights, particularly FM 973 and improvement of bad roads. 

What other critical issues will you address and how? 

Increasing economic development equally across all industries for total well-being improvement via 

greater utilization of City produced resources. Ensuring business diversity equality relative to the growing population for a welcoming and representative culture. Establishing multi-purpose family entertainment and activity centers given the increased number of families by supporting entrepreneurship and small business ownership. Exceeding healthcare, mental health, and educational standards by actively measuring child and adult development centers to local, state, and national standards.

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