Our History...your service


In the 1970’s, our Founder established Wallace Brothers & Associates as a private retailer for Navaco Industries, in Phillipsburg, PA, to provide name brand urban fashionwear to local churchgoers, clergy, and plus-sized men.  Upon being drafted by the U.S. Army for the Vietnam War, Mr. Wallace sought the assistance of his brothers to help with the company’s operation.  Since 1980, Wallace Brothers & Associates specialized in offering suit separates for those unable to fit traditional suit sets.

In 2017, our current President became our owner upon retiring from the U.S. Army.  Seeking to better capitalize on the variety of specialties, skill sets, and experiences of our Owner, Founder, and Honorary Co-Founders; to include, personal connections and occupational network, Wallace Brothers & Associates realigned as a consulting entity and registered as a Texas Veteran-Owned Limited Liability Company.  

Although Wallace Brothers & Associates primarily assist business leaders and businesses in increasing profit margins by improving strategies and best business practices, the Company remains a private retailer for Navaco Industries.

* Wallace Brothers & Associates is also considered a service-disabled and minority owned company