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THE TRANSITION - Preparing For Financial Combat by Wallace & Niemi (Book Preview) (pdf)


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The Transition: Preparing for Financial Combat is about preparing transitioning service members psychologically for the next stage of their life after the military. This book approaches every facet of a transition with unique insight and helpful techniques to better mentally prepare and create the proper self-awareness to succeed and thrive within the civilian workplace. The better prepared a service member becomes through their transition, the greater the chances in achieving their desired lifestyle and goals. The Transition is truly invaluable because it assists our Nation's greatest asset, our service members.


  • The Transition is a long-needed text that will serve as a tremendous resource for separating or retiring military members. Well researched, organized, and written, this book should be at the top of the reading list of anyone considering a near-term transition from military service. - Colonel B.J. Constantine (USA, Retired), former Chief of Staff at U.S. Army Human Resources Command

  • This is a really important topic. It is good to see that you tackled it. - Anonymous Executive at U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

  • After six years into my military retirement, I fully understand the value of this book; I wish I had a resource like this before I retired. - Colonel Gerald “Jerry” Smith (USMC, Retired), Director of Veterans Affairs at Texas A&M University System

  • I’ve read it a couple of times now. It’s to the point; not overstated. I like it. - Lieutenant Colonel Trent Brunson (USAF, Retired), Former Vice Chancellor at Inter-American Air Force Academy

  • As a resume expert who helps service members and military spouses on their path to a civilian career, The Transition clearly provides helpful guidance for the journey. Quantifying and explaining your military experience is important so recruiters like me understand the valuable experiences and skills you bring to the civilian workforce. For your next career move, preparing yourself for the journey is as critically important as taking the time to write a great resume. - Scott Vedder, Fortune 100 Recruiter and Best-Selling Author of Signs of a Great Résumé: Veterans Edition

  • This is excellent. Very comprehensive, well written and quite informative to a transitioning member. I commend the authors for doing an excellent job and keeping it clear, to the point and easily comprehensible. Everything I read is important to at least know about. - Jerry Reed, Ph.D., MSW, Senior Vice President for Practice Leadership at Executive Development Center, Inc.

  • One of the most comprehensive and practical guides to military transition. A must have for the military to civilian conversion process, highly Recommended. - Lieutenant Colonel Michael L. Russell (USA, Retired), Ph.D. Director, VISN 17 Center of Excellence for Research on Returning War Veterans

  • The Transition offers real-world guidance and strategy for the next generation of veteran leaders seamlessly entering corporate America. Using this well-articulated roadmap, readers are destined for success in today’s competitive employment landscape. - Christopher R. Sandles, MBA, FACHE, Medical Center Director/CEO, Central Texas Veterans Health Care System

  • Fantastic resource for anyone transitioning from the military, especially the 20 year veteran, who is looking to work in the civilian sector. I WISH this was the book given out at my eTAPs. I actually went to three as a Colonel, two done with AF contractors, one by the Navy. This is better than anything I've even seen. Very nice work!! - Colonel Ken Dalfonso (USAF retired), President, Pflugerville Economic Development Corporation


The Transition by Dr. Wallace

View podcasts from Dr. Wallace sharing best practices, lessons learned, and various transition tidbits.  Life is a constant transition, in support of personal or family desires, of pursuing one level of education to another and one position in the workforce to the next, all while those around you come and go for various reasons.

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